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When shall I arrive?

The ceremony starts at one pm on Saturday 17th June. You are welcome to come from Friday evening if you're staying over. More info on timings of the weekend to follow.

Where can I park?

There is a car parking area on-site. Please don't park in front of the main house.

Do car share if you can with other wedding guests during the weekend!

What shall I wear?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in! Standard wedding gear. There will be walking on grass so stiletto heels are not recommended.

Casual for the rest of the weekend. If you're coming to Sunday bits, weather-permitting the plan is walk and sports so bring trainers and light clothing for that. There may even be swimming in the lake!

What else should I bring?

Any games/sports you want to play across the weekend, a towel +/- hairdryer if you're staying on-site, more to follow as we think of them!

Can I bring my dog?

No dogs allowed on-site.

Can I bring a plus one?

Only those addressed on the invite are able to attend.

Can I take photos?

Please don't take pictures during the ceremony but you're welcome to take pictures at any other time! Chris the photographer will be taking pictures of natural moments throughout.

What are you doing for wedding presents?

You absolutely do not need to get us a present. Travelling all the way to Devon to see us is more than we could hope for. We already have a home together and everything we need. If you feel compelled to get us something despite all of that, we have been persuaded to make a gift list of suggestions. But seriously, memories of celebrating with you on the day is what we really want.

We've also answered some of the commonly asked questions we've received so far

What is the gestation period of a common periwinkle?

Six weeks, give or take

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? 

What do you mean? African or European? 

Do we need to RSVP for Ossian?

Yes if you'd like Ossian to attend

Could I please have accommodation with Dan Bowen?

This is a hotly contested position, nothing can be guaranteed

You should know that Dom is not who he says he is, he is really an electrician from Guatemala called Marco. 

This is not a question and therefore will not be addressed 

Will Tibshelf Rules be enforced?

You can bet your bottom dollar they will be

Please contact one of us if you have any other questions!

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